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Thrive in the modern world

We're here to help you, and all of us, live a good life.

For thousands of years, the deepest wisdom of many human cultures – our religions, philosophers and poets – have told us that there is something good and transformative at the very heart of ourselves, and that it is our life’s work to reach it.

The modern monk journey is a step-by-step process of connecting with your inherent goodness, transforming your mind, and ultimately changing the world.

It all started two and a half thousand years ago...

My family has a 2,500 year lineage of Buddhist meditation, mindfulness and yoga culture – with an emphasis on practicing and living well (as opposed to religion, philosophy or theory).

In all of the many generations before me, and as I was taught this practice as a child, it looked very traditional.

I feel lucky and honoured to have the privilege of modernising my family’s practice for the world today, while staying true to the traditional techniques that have worked for thousands of years.

We hope that you’ll join us on the journey to connect with your internal modern monk. As you cultivate a healthier mind and share that goodness with the people in your life, you’ll be helping us change the world and create a more peaceful and prosperous place for us all to thrive.

Isn't that a journey worth embarking on?

Hi, I'm Manish and welcome to Modern Monk Journey.

     Harnessing the power  

of traditional practices

to help us thrive

in the modern world.

Our purpose is to help every individual maximise the potential of their mind in order to build a thriving life for themselves. 

We believe that by helping enough people do this, we will collectively change the world for the better.

Modern Monk Journey
Our programs for Individuals.

Modern Monks need a Modern Monastery, our space to practice and build together. Enter the Monastery with our daily morning live practices, retreat with us for in-depth self-discoveries and connect with our in person events. 

Work/thrive balance
Our programs for the workplace.

Promote autonomy, proactivity and better communication in the team while helping them thrive. Join other high performing businesses globally in recognising the role of mindfulness in self leadership and workplace wellbeing.


We apply current neuroscientific frameworks to the time-tested practices of mindfulness, making them applicable and relevant to our modern lives. Our Journeys help us first discover our own inspiration, before inspiring those around us. Day-by-day we discover and shape our path to live and work better, one step at a time. 

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